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Artisans Union: Love

Opened 2014 - Ongoing
Artisans Union

A variety show of young musicians, actors, directors, comics and dance.
Presented by the Artisans Union & Fremont Centre Theatre.

Created by Jed Reynolds, the Artisans Union is the collection of artists of various disciplines creating new work for performance. Each month The Artisans Union presents a new and fresh theme to sold out audiences. The group, a team of established writers, actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, poets, improvisers and more revive the spirit of a true variety show. Each show is packed with five to six unique performances and featured guests.

Here is a roster of some of the performances:

To The Curb -Written by Jerre Dye. Directed by Jed Reynolds. Even rash action has its reasons. A comedy about a mother’s harsh, loving message to her son.

Bust a Move - Directed by Michael Le Blanc. Heartbreak is so hard to heal, but therapy can help. A comedy about neurosis and love.

Mister Town City -The house improvisational team at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Michaelann Cervantez - Hilarious comic and actor. MC of the show.

Daniel Cummings Musician - actor and member of you tube group New Feelings Time.

Soda Pop - Artist and band member of LA Bus Fair.

Past Themes: Love, Strong Women, Beginnings, Family, Up

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