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July-August 1999
Living Together- A Comedy

Written by Alan Ayckbour, directed by Stephen Rockwell
with Cynthia Gates Fujikawa, Michael Langley, Robert Pescovitz, Rhys Pugh,
Melanie Rockwell and Robbie Troy.

Can three siblings and their spouses survive a weekend together in the country without killing each other?


". . . the production of. . ."Living Together" at the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena proves a true delight. Beautifully timed, deliciously acted, it provides a cheerfully entertaining evening from start to finish . . . .Director Stephen Rockwell keeps the show hopping at a breakneck clip, leading to nearly nonstop laughter."Living Together" offers a humorous salute to the human condition, and a delightful evening of moderately adult fun." - Frances Baum Nicholson PASADENA STAR-NEWS

". . . gem of a play . . . With a cast giving it class and style . . . Cast was directed well by Stephen Rockwell as the comedy is well timed and not one scene is overdone . . . For those who haven't been to the Fremont Centre Theatre for a while, you'll be surprised to discover that comfortable theatre seats have been installed and a raised stage area built. Which brings me to a point of admiration for the set design of "Living Together". It did much to enhance this production." - Clarice Prittie SAN MARINO TRIBUNE

". . . Under Stephen Rockwell¹s lickety-split direction, this clever ensemble makes the most of their characters' conflicting dispositions. . . .Ayckbourn's chaos is very enjoyable." - Schaumburg LA WEEKLY

"Living Together is what I call solid theatre. It has all the elements I want to see when I go to see a play. The script is well-written with nice, witty catalogue, the characters are funny, and I'm always happy to see a nicely detailed set . . . superbly directed by Stephen Rockwell." - Rudowsky THE TOLUCAN TIMES-CANYON CRIER

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