Past Productions

On stage at the FCT in 2009.
Beneath Rippling Water

Written and performed by Sybyl Walker. Directed by Gregg T. Daniel.

Ms. Walker describes the piece: “ ‘Beneath Rippling Water’ is a compelling, hilarious, disturbing trilogy about navigating the maze of secrets, life and love. Utilizing drama, comedy, song and spoken word, Sybyl Walker creates unforgettable portraits of three unique and fascinating women in love. As we meet them and 12 other men and women that inhabit their worlds, we are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Journey into the depths of what lies beneath the surface of their lives; the joys and the vulnerabilities, and experience a very human story about hope, love and reclaiming oneself.”

“Beneath Rippling Water” was first performed at Company of Angels Theatre in Silver Lake in 2006.





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