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May 5-June 2 2007
I,Too, Am America - World Premiere

A play in two acts starring James Reynolds (Abe Carver on NBC's "Days of Our Lives".)

The words, thoughts, and feelings are those of poets, slaves, ex-slaves, ministers, politicians, educators, musicians. ‘I, Too, Am America' is not a lesson in history, but a sharing of an experience.

James created the show over 20 years ago and has toured with it through the years. Reynolds portrays more than 20 different characters including Paul Robeson, Sojourner Truth, Deadwood Dick, and his own family members. He describes the show as "an evening of sharing the experiences, thoughts, and feelings throughout history as seen through the eyes of musicians, historians, ex-slaves, poets, artists, teachers, and others who have contributed to the vastness of the African-American experience."


“...compelling watching. It’s a story which does not grow tired with retelling, especially when retold with this kind of strength.”- Star News

"...wonderfully powerful..." - Entertainment Today

"..fascinating, the evening impressively memorable. Reynolds himself..vibrates the air with passionate commitment..catch this precious tidbit while you can." - Pasadena Star News

"..a remarkable series of vignettes..theatrically pleasing balance of drama, comedy and pathos." - South Pasadena Review

"..a strong talent..enlightening..inspiring..a potent vehicle.." - DramaLogue


Best Production of a One-Person Play


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