Best Of The Fest

February 6-23, 2014

presented by the L.A. Women's Theatre Festival
& the Fremont Centre Theatre.

This powerful "From the Best of the Fest" Benefit highlights some of LAWTF's multicultural and multi-disciplined performers from 1996-2013. The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF) empowers women artists to engage and inspire communities through the production of multidisciplinary solo performers and educational outreach. The Annual Festival honors the achievement of extraordinary women in theatre.




Sariyah Idan - "Homeless in Homeland" - The journey of a young Jewish American woman to understand her identity, the meaning of home and her desire for a just world in the face of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Brenda Adelman - “My Brooklyn Hamlet”
Brenda Adelman's tour de force personal story about what's possible when you forgive the unforgivable.

Ingrid Graham -"The Passage"
This dance explores one woman's journey to self-acceptance through gratitude and meditation.

Ada Luz Pla - “Tracing My Lineage: A Story of a Puerto Rican Spitfire”
A proud Puerto Rican woman shares the colorful array of Latin women in her life in this excerpted storytelling piece.

Paulina Sahagun - "Nahuatl-Now What?"
From the Mercado in Guadalajara to bad hair days in L.A., this is only on question: Does she know how to make tortillas?

Clarinda Ross - "Spit Like a Big Girl"
This piece looks back on what a daughter learned from her college professor parents during her coming of age South, as well as her experience being the mother of a special needs child.

Vanessa Adams-Harris- “Who Will Sing for Lena?”
The poignant theatre piece chronicles the true story of the first and only woman to be executed in the stage of Georgia.
"Who Will Sing For Lena?" is a dramatic creation based on public documents as well as on the creative inspirations of the playwright. The play is in no way intended to be either a biography or a documentary of Ms. Lena May Baker's life.

Juliette Jeffers- “”
A woman shares her roller coaster journey with men as she explores online dating.

Amy Milano - “Dancing With Crazies” - One woman's search for a place to call home.

Barbara Cole- "Surviving Chrysalis”
One woman reconciles aging, motherhood, and career with her journey toward self-actualization.

Kiha S. Lee - “The Red Ribbon”
The work deals with the realities of human nature. It reflects a woman’s experiences as a female, as an Asian living in a culturally-diverse society.

Karen A. Clark - "The Women"
Karen A., through music, poetry and storytelling reflects on the women in her family, and particularly her mother who provided a "wow" factor.

Chrystee Pharris -“In Search of O"
Storyteller Chrystee Pharris asks the question: What do you do at the age of 32 after reading every book asking all the experts, and you stillhaven't found your O?"

Cece Antoinette - “Watermelon: Git It While Its Hot"
This coming of age and rites of passage journey looks at one woman's life growing up Black, female and spiritual in Dallas, Texas.

Kim Coles - “Oh, But Wait, There’s More"
This zany and at times irreverent solo show chronicles the ebb and flow of Kim’s show biz career with titillating inside Hollywood anecdotes and personal stories from her amazing world.

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