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World Premiere in 2000
Mimi's Guide

Written by Doris Baisley, directed by Virginia Morris

A passionate love triangle awakens the demons of three people haunted by the Viet Nam War.


"Baizley writes passionately about the lingering effects of Vietnam." -- L.A.Times

"Baizley's characters' emotions ring true under exceptional performances... Director Virginia Morris' flair for tableaux and Baizley's talent for poetic dialogue add to a compelling evening of theatre." -- L.A. Weekly

"Passionate, poetic...Baizley's play is tackled head on by a fine cast, spiritedly led by director Virginia Morris, who has tapped the reality within...Genovese is awesomely good as the fighting poet - Dylan Thomas meets Allen Ginsberg...Letherer is beyond perfect as the perfect woman...Wu is well in control of a potent sexuality borne of intelligence." -- BackStage West / Drama-Logue

"Mimi's Guide offers interesting intellectual fare...fascinating...startlingly strong relevance..taut direction and three impressive performances...Richard Scully's set design instantly transports the audience into the characters' world. Brian Benison's original music enhances the moods. Indeed, the production proves polished and the play interesting." -- Pasadena Star News

"Thoughtfully and passionately written...meticulously enacted by three compelling actors...Director Virginia Morris has inspired sultry, thought-provoking, well-paced portrayals from this skilled trio...In stellar performances, Ping Wu emotionally plays the professor, Michael Genovese explodes as the author, and Lauren Letherer sizzles as Mimi!...Richard Scully's realistic bayou set, Peter Straus's moody lighting and the true life sound design by Brian Benison round out the perfection. Folks, this is theatre as good as it gets! -- The Tolucan Times

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