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March 13-April 4, 2007
My Brain Tumor - A Mind Expanding Comedy

Written & performed by David Schwartz. Directed by Joel Swetow.


How many people do you kjnwo who had a brain tumor and them wrote a one-man show about it? Meet David Nathan Schwartz.

In 1996, Schwartz was a working actor in L.A. He was apprearing in commercials, acting in television and theater, and teaching when his life took an unexpected detour. He had to have emergency brain surgery just after finding out he had booked two national commercials that would sustain him financially for a least a year.And - oh yeah - the doctor said he might lose his vocal chords.

What would happen? What would you do?

Seeing his experience as an ironic comedy juxtaposed with horror, Schwartz takes us on an autobiographical journey in which the real, surreal and comic cross paths at Cedar Sinai. This is not a "poor me" story in the least. Amused and fascinated by the twists of fate in his life, he takes us through a truthful and funny monologue introducing us to the very real and quirky characters who held his life in their hands. Schwartz explores his emotions with honesty. The best part is: he is here and well to tell us about it with a renewed sense of wonderment in the every day things we may take for granted.


"A hilarious, harrowing testament to human endurance and to the healing power of humor." - L.A. Times


"An evening of insight and, yes, comedy. Witty writing and a brilliant performance." - L.A. Weekly

"...impressive." - DramaLogue

"...fascinating.." - South Pasadena Review


Best Production of a One-Person Play

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