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Opened September 26, 2009
Ray Bradbury's The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit

A Comedy written by Ray Bradbury, directed by Alan Neal Hubbs.
Presented by Ray Bradbury’s Pandemonium Theatre Company

Five young Latino men from East Los Angeles ascribe near-mystical powers to a beautifully tailored suit in the window of Shumway’s Sunshine Suits. The suit is white, the luscious color of vanilla ice cream, so pure in color that it radiates its own special glow. If only Martinez had that suit, then Celia, the prettiest girl in the neighborhood, might notice him. If only Villanazul had that suit, then he could really impress people as a public speaker. If only Gomez or Dominguez had that suit, they’d be hits with the ladies. If only Vamenos had that suit, he would cease to be a social pariah and instead become the life of the party. Get the idea?

The magical power of the wonderful ice cream suit is to imbue its wearer with confidence. When you’re well dressed, you feel like a million bucks and anything is possible. Why do you ever feel otherwise? This utterly charming tale of friendship, romance and dreams fulfilled comes from the pen of America’s Storyteller, Ray Bradbury, recently honored by the Pulitzer Prize committee with a lifetime achievement certificate for his contributions to American letters; and a medal and rank of Commander of Arts and Letters from the French government.


"A hoot realized to the hilt." -Los Angeles Times
"Commendably creative, charmingly entertaining. Do see this one." -Tolucan Times
"Lots of laughs. A delightful comic romp."
"A great cast.... definitely worth a look." -Accessibly Live


STARRING (in alphabetical order):

Don Appleby
James Casanova
Adrain Elizondo
Joaquin Garay III
Daniel V. Graulau
Joan Jack
Verona Masongsong
Joy Nash
Paul Renteria
Eddie Ruiz
Rudy Rodriguez
Philip Sokoloff



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