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September 12-October 11, 1998
Sketchy At Best

Written & directed by Lance Davis.
Presented by Hardy Productions in association with Lissa & James Reynolds and Fremont Centre Theatre.

Sketcy At Best is an evening of theatre with perfomances by Lance Davis and Alan Brooks, with piano interludes by Lawrence Wong.


This is no love lost between Janet Reno and highlanders Tammish and Burns, whose ribalf riff on the Attorney General leaves them writhing in the imagine heath on stage at the Fremont. Lance Davis' new and indescribably wicked "Sketchy At Best"is populatedby a myriad of side-splitting characters (played by two uncanny actors) who go toe to toe with Clinton, Tripp, Marcia Clark, Charlton Heston, or anyone else who dares trespass onto the comin minefield of Davis' mercurial imagination.

Davis and co-star Alan Brooks explode in an evening of high comedy that is at once unbiased, brutal and beguling. In top form, the versatile actors invite comparison to a cavalcade of comic pioneers from Cook and Moore to Martin & Akroyd's "Two Wild and Crazy Guys," from Cheech and Chong to Burns and Allen.



"..smartly written, high-energy experience that, while audacious and funny, is also heartfelt..viciously candid commentary on six in the White House is nothing less than hysterical..the kind of smart, sharp sketch comedy that's been so conspicuously absent from TV for the last decade."-L.A. Weekly

"..wicked audacity and wild aplomb..a waky ride..nothing less than hysterically funny..two inventive guys with a big bag full of tricks, laughs -- and no apologies." -Pasadena Weekly

" Sketchy At Best is hilarious at worst." - L.A. Times

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