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Opened November 30, 2012 - World Premiere
The Snow Queen - "A Frosty Fractured Fairytale"

Written by Dale Sandlin & Steve Apostolina.
Directed by McKerrin Kelly. Musical Direction by Dean Mora.

“It’s just like a play, only fun!” – The Widow Twanky

The Snow Queen follows the misadventures of Widow Twanky and her charges, Kai and Gerda, as they battle the evil Snow Queen and the rather bumbling forces of darkness.

Lord Beelzebub, the dark ruler of the underworld has created a magic mirror to help him in his wicked plans. When the mirror is shattered, The Snow Queen captures the young would be magician Kai in order to put the mirror back together. Twanky, aided by a dashing, forgetful Highwayman will battle snowmen soldiers, reindeer handmaidens, lovelorn demons, and an unfortunate tendency to burst into song at the most inappropriate moments, to rescue Kai from the Queen’s castle at Spitzbergen and reunite him with his love Gerda!

Presented by Blame the Clown Productions, in association with the Pasadena Arts Council's EMERGE Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

Stage Scene L.A. WOW!
".. The Snow Queen, now keeping audiences in stitches at South Pasadena’s Fremont Centre Theatre under the imaginative, effervescent direction of McKerrin Kelly...About as crowd-pleasing a holiday show as any theatergoer could ask for."-Steven Stanley,Stage Scene L.A.

Starring (in alphabetical order):

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