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March 18-April 22, 1999
Sonnets From A Wand'ring Bark - The Real Story of Shakespeare In Love!

Written & performed by David Sage & Joyce Meadows
Presented by Bard Development Co. in association with James & Lissa Reynolds.

The real story of Shakespeare in love is comical, tragical, farcical, and heartbreakingly human. Fifty-two of Shakespeare's sonnets, the most autobiographical of his writings, are linked by a narrative which tells the story of a man in love. Shakespeare's passion for the ethereal beauty of a young man collides with his obsession for the sexuality of the mysterious Dark Lady of the sonnets. It is a story filled with betrayal, jealousy, turmoil, and some of the greatest poetry in the language.

David Sage and Joyce Meadows have traced the story of the sonnets with wit and insight, all the while managing to stay out of the way of poetry. Veterans of stage and film, Sage and Meadows give the words of Shakespeare the authenticity that contemporary audiences crave. They believe it is a great story best told by the Bard himself.

*Bark = boat. From sonnet No. 116 "Let me not to the marriage of true minds..."

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