Past Productions

September-October 2001
The Dock Brief

Written by John Mortimer.
Directed by Norman Cohen ("A Woman of Independent Means").
Presented by the Fremont Centre Theatre

A murderous comedy about the law.

After 40 years of undistinguished practice Wilfred Morgenhall , a cynical and unsuccessful barrister, is overjoyed to be assigned a dock brief: the defence of an accused murderer; an innocuous little man accused of murdering his wife in this one act play. The man cheerfully admits his guilt; he simply couldn't stand his wife's constant joking and laughing. The trial ends and the verdict is a foregone conclusion. The lawyer begs his client to let him appeal. Ironically the man is reprieved because of the ineptitude of his defense.



"Whimsical .... delightful production" - Los Angeles Times

"A laugh-out-loud, jolly good show... tickles the funny bone easily often! - Pasadena Weekly

"..pure comedy..carefully crafted script shines during the entire show.." - Entertainment Today

" at its gentlest.." - L.A. Daily Journal

"Trip out to South Pasadena for a rollicking evening of theatre"-- Backstage West / DramaLogue

"Must see...hilarious and yet touching...a good choice - South Pasadena Review


PHOTO: Pictured from left John O'Connell (Fowle) and F. William Parker(Morgenhall).

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